$300 for 1 hour
$100 for each additional hour
Climb aboard The Bounce House Express!!

Give us a call today and let one of our trained engineers entertain your friends and guests. This beautiful new train safely seats up to 18 people, and includes doors, and seatbelts.

All Aboooooooard! 
A trackless train is always a great time for your guests, and it’s now easier than ever to include a train at you next party, festival, or special event. Contact The Bounce House today for details on how to reserve The Bounce House Express!

Why should you partner with the Bounce House for your trackless train rental?

  • $1M liability insurance policy
  • Trained engineer operates train during your event
  • Advanced safety features such as doors and seat belts

Trackless Train FAQ's
Q: How far in advance do I need to rent a trackless train?
A: We book our trains very quickly! Because we rent one of the most attractive kids trains in the valley, we are highly requested.
Q: Will your trackless train kill my grass?
A: If the train drives in circles for numerous hours on the same grass over and over, then yes, there is the potential for grass to get "matted" down. Generally speaking, it will not kill the grass though. We always encourage operating the train on dry grass that has not been watered the same day as the event.
Q: Can you use the train in a park?
A: Please check with your park to ensure that trackless trains are permitted. We carry the proper insurances to operate in public parks, but that doesn't mean every park will allow a train.
Q: Does the train need power?
A: No, our train is gas-powered.
Q: Can you operate the train inside?
A: No. Since our train is gas powered it is only for outdoor use.

Q: How safe is your train?
A: Our train comes complete with seat belts and doors. This helps to prevent kids and adults from leaving the train while it is moving. We also have wheel guards on the train so the wheels can not be touched while moving. We operate our trackless train ourselves, we do not allow customers to drive the train.

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