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Requesting Donations

We, Laser Sporting of GA, Inc. and The Bounce House, have always tried to be aware of our local communities and their needs. We feel we have been more than generous in supporting the many, many requests we get every year. In fairness to everyone, we are asking each organization to fill out a Request Form (Below) as early as they are aware of a specific need. We would like to have them submitted by the end of March each year.

We will evaluate them as a group and selectivly grant donations of equipment, time, and monies as we can. We understand that some requests will come in as they arise and we will evaluate them on a case by case basis.

if you need to contact us, please email us at


Jim & Eileen


* Required


An Opportunity for your Organization

Several times a year (8 – 10) we are contracted for very large events that require people to assist us with monitoring the inflatables and games. 

Here’s where your organization comes in. 

You provide us with volunteer staffing for these large events. No experience is necessary other than a little common sense and a good attitude. These volunteers should be responsible teens and older. Physical strength is not a requirement. The events are mostly on Saturday and Sunday with hours ranging anywhere from 6 – 12 per day.

Example – Splash Art Festival in Johns Creek, 8 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday, 14 hours per person.

In exchange for your labor at our events, you will receive a voucher for the retail dollar amount of your services for the rental of The Bounce House’s Equipment. 

This is a great way that any organization can have an event / party with little or no cash. This is a great way to present the community a special fun day like a back to school or end of school party.

Payment example:

10 people work 16 hours (2 day event) at $10.00 / hour 
equals $1600.00 in Bounce House Bucks

Just a few rules:

- You must provide your own transportation. 

- You must work the event(s) before we give you the equipment 

- Equipment is subject to availability 

- Equipment must be reserved at least 3 weeks before your event

- If teenagers are providing the staffing they must have 
at least one adult present at all times

- The staffing has no cash value

- Party must be in our delivery area. 

- Staffing the events is subject to availability. First come, first served

- You have up to one year to redeem your free rentals

Call us to discuss how you can get some Bounce House Bucks for your organization's next party or event

The Bounce House
A subsidiary of Laser Sporting of Georgia, Inc.

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